5 Flu-Fighting Foods You Already Have in Your Kitchen

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We’re slowly coming out of flu season, but it’s not quite time to stop worrying about the illness just yet. Unfortunately, you may still catch the flu—even if you received a vaccine. To continue aiding your body in prevention, you need to fuel it with the right foods. We share five flu-fighting foods that you likely have in your kitchen and can eat right now.

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Thankfully, this strong, irresistible flavor has a few health benefits. Garlic has antibacterial properties, which help your body fight germs. Since you can add garlic to a variety of dishes, it’s easy to consistently combat cold and flu viruses with this powerful ingredient.


Used as a natural ailment for centuries, this root packs a punch—it instantly calms nausea and relieves pain. Ginger has strong anti-inflammatories, which fight infection and overall soothe an overworked immune system. One of the most popular ways to include this root into your meals is to make tea using fresh ginger, lemon, and hot water. You’re certain to feel better once you drink it.


Of course, you can’t fight off illness without some good old vitamin C. Found in oranges, this antioxidant boosts your immunity, assisting you in fighting sicknesses faster. Whether you prefer to eat oranges in slices or juice them, they’re one of the best foods you can eat to speed up the healing process.


Mom knew best when she gave you chicken noodle soup during your sick days. Hot broth-based soup reduces inflammation, as it prompts your white blood cells to work toward recovery. If you feel some nasty symptoms creeping up on you, make yourself a bowl of soup. Plus, the steam from the soup can also help you begin to feel like yourself again—less congested and ready to roll out of bed.


What your sick body could really use is the live active cultures within yogurt. In fact, probiotics may be able to boost your immune system, helping you prevent colds and the flu in the future. Optimal health starts with your gut, so consuming good bacteria can improve your body’s defenses against illness. Yogurt may seem like an out-of-the-box recommendation, but this delicious food will do wonders for your health.

There you have it—five of the flu-fighting foods you probably already have in your kitchen. You may feel tempted to rely on your flu shot alone, but it’s best to combine its strength with a healthy diet.

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