5 Essential Pool Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

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5 Essential Pool Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Owning a pool is a great way to cool off from the hot sun and have fun with your friends. While it can become a significant investment, it rewards you with unforgettable summers. However, outdoor pools need a lot of work if you want to use them regularly. So here are five essential pool maintenance tips you need to know before you jump in.

Keep the Deck Clean

The pool isn’t the only thing that needs to stay clean. One essential pool maintenance tip you should know is to keep the deck surrounding it clean as well. Anything on the deck can potentially fall in and affect the chemical balance of the pool. This includes dirt, fire-starting oil, and so on. Additionally, trip hazards can occur, causing someone to fall in or become injured.

Check the Pool Chemicals

Your pool should always have balanced chemicals before anyone gets in. Unbalanced chemicals can result in skin reactions, so take a sample to your local pool supply store. They’ll gladly help you find the chemicals you need for your pool. Afterward, make sure you put the specific chemical amounts in and let them process before swimming.

Clean Your Pool Efficiently

A beautiful pool with gorgeous waterline tile requires cleaning for both the water and filters. Make sure you have the necessary equipment to clean your pool. Use a pool vacuum to collect the debris sitting at the bottom of the pool and mild soap and a sponge to clean off the waterline tile. Before you know it, your pool will look sparkling clean.

Repair Any Leaks and Cracks

Water loss can quickly rack up your bill by hundreds of dollars. It can result from evaporation or, even worse, cracks and leaks in the pool lining or foundation. Make sure you have your pool inspected yearly for any leaks or cracks and get them quickly repaired. If you still suffer from water loss, get a pool cover that prevents evaporation.

Skim the Water Daily

Throughout the day, debris can end up in the pool. This could include leaves, sticks, bugs, toys, and other foreign objects, so go over your pool with a skimmer daily. From there, you’re less likely to accumulate debris buildup.

Be smart about your pool and keep it well maintained year-round so that you can take a dip anytime you want. Before you know it, you’ll be lounging under the sun in the calm waters.

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