4 Ways To Decorate Your Porch for Autumn

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4 Ways To Decorate Your Porch for Autumn

Fall is fast approaching. If you’re a fan of this breezy, beautiful season and want your porch to be the most festive on the block, try these four ways to decorate your porch for autumn that are sure to make a statement.

Change the Color Scheme

Start by bidding farewell to summer blues and pinks and saying hello to quintessential fall colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown. Autumn is a warm, earthy season, so choose warm, earthy tones to give your porch the right vibe.

Refresh Your Upholstery

Additionally, you may want to replace the upholstery on your outdoor furniture to better match the season. Use more muted autumn colors and autumnal patterns like leaves and plaid. Another tip for choosing outdoor upholstery for fall is to pick rain-resistant materials, as fall is one of the wettest seasons.

Make It Cozy

Fall is usually when the cold starts to set in. If you want to continue spending time on your porch without freezing, you’ll need to make it as cozy as possible. Use an abundance of throw pillows and blankets, and consider using candles, lanterns, or even portable heaters to heat up the space. If you want a fun way to stay warm on your porch, why not invest in a kotatsu, or heated table? This unique piece of furniture will keep you warm as you sit, sip on hot cocoa, and admire the scenery.

Use Plenty of Fall Foliage

Fall is the season of harvest. Celebrate this lush and fruitful season by decorating your porch with plenty of fall greenery. You can hang a leaf garland from the roof’s eaves, place a twig-and-acorn wreath on your door, carve, decorate, and display pumpkins, or place pots of fall classics like pansies and mums around the perimeter. Plants will add color to your porch and make it appear livelier.

Using these four ideas for decorating your porch for autumn, you can transform the front of your home into a crisp, cozy fall paradise.

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