4 of the Best Pets for Older Adults To Have

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4 of the Best Pets for Older Adults To Have

In our lives, we crave companionship and good relations with things that make us happy and fulfilled. For an older adult, life may become dull, and having something to care for can be just the spark they need to give them purpose and help them get through the day. A wonderful solution is getting a pet as a companion to aid their mental well-being and give them the company they deserve.


Cats are known for their cleanliness and for being a low-maintenance pet. They are relatively independent, cleaning themselves and using the litterbox to take care of their bathroom needs. A cat is one of the best pets for an older adult because cats don’t require walking or bathroom trips outdoors, and cats are fine with a more autonomous relationship.

A laser pointer or small ball will be a great toy for a cat and won’t require a lot of movement from the senior. Cats don’t make a lot of noise and won’t often get in the way of people moving around.


Numerous types of birds make great pets for older adults; birds such as macaws and parrots are great pets as they tend to mimic human speech and are docile creatures. Birds are fairly mobile and require time outside their cage, but as long as they have space to move from perch to perch, they will be okay. A small bird that is content to sit or fly around its cage is easy to keep because their wingspan is small and they won’t eat much food. Adequate cage size is a must, however.


Fish are great pets for everyone, especially older adults. Fish won’t interact with people, but having another living creature with you in your home is nice. There are hundreds of fish that make good pets, and most apartments and homes have space for a decent-size aquarium. Keeping the fish alive and healthy won’t take much work as long they are fed, and their environment is clean. Adding different decorations or ornaments to their tank adds visual interest for the fish owner and makes the fish feel secure, as a tank with nowhere to hide stresses prey creatures.


The adorable turtle is semiaquatic, so it will need a tank with some land and water to swim in. The turtle is a calm and quiet animal, eating a diet of leafy greens and small chunks of trout chow. Seniors will love turtles as they are gentle creatures that mostly keep to themselves.

Pets make wonderful companions for seniors and go a long way toward enhancing their owners’ mental health. Caring for another living thing makes the elderly feel purposeful and important.

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