4 of the Best Doggy Birthday Party Basics

4 of the Best Doggy Birthday Party Basics

Your pooch is about to turn a whole human year older. This is a cause for celebration, but you may not know the best way to throw a party. To give you a bit of inspiration, here are four doggy birthday party basics.

Do Something They Love

Whether you actually throw a party or not, do something your dog enjoys. Pups that cannot get enough walks will go crazy at the chance to go somewhere new. Running around in a park they never sniffed before is rewarding enough. If their heart lies with their raggedy tug-of-war rope, play with them for as long as they like. More even-keeled canines may just want some one-on-one time with their beloved owner. In this case, curl up and enjoy a movie or a nap on the couch together. Whatever it is, you know your dog and their preferences.

Pup-Safe Dessert

The next doggy birthday basic involves securing all-important foodstuffs they can stomach. This means no chocolate, dairy, xylitol, white flour, and a host of other ingredients. There are tons of dog-safe baking kits that replace or avoid these no-nos, but you can also get them something savory. Cooking (thoroughly) a nice steak and serving it up for dinner is a can’t-miss option.

Cute Costumes

They need to look the part, too. The ever-popular doggy party hat is a simple staple that makes pictures memorable. But it’s a lot more fun to design your own costume for them—especially if it’s one that perhaps fits a party theme. For instance, there’s nothing like a black and gold Batman outfit for your Bark Knight party.

The Pawfect Gift

Every birthday party needs gifts. For walkers, get a sleek, comfortable harness. For tuggers, replace that old rope with a brand-new one they’ll play with for years. For the lazy dogs in your life, invest in a plush cushion they won’t want to leave. This can serve a double purpose by protecting your couches. Throw in some ultimate dog mom gifts too, so you can make your dog love even clearer to people around you.

Now, we’re not positive how doggy years factor into party-planning. Whether you throw one once or seven times a year is completely up to you. We won’t check your math.


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