4 Must-Know Tips for E-Bike Commuting Safety

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4 Must-Know Tips for E-Bike Commuting Safety

Choosing an e-bike for your commute is a no-brainer. It’s a zippy form of transportation that costs thousands of dollars less than a car and produces no pollution! Read on to learn four must-know tips for e-bike commuting safety.

Wear a Helmet

Why is there so much animosity toward helmets? We know they’re not the greatest fashion statement, but looking cool is a lot less appealing when the price is head trauma. E-bikes travel a lot faster than traditional bicycles, so a helmet is even more necessary. Keep your noggin intact, and never forget to bring your helmet!

Plan Your Route

If you have the time, plan a route that takes you through some of the prettier areas of your town. You can walk or drive the route first to ensure there are bike lanes and trails for the entire duration. If you’re more pressed for time, figure out the shortest path, but don’t take unnecessary risks, like biking over train tracks or through busy parking lots.

Avoid Busy Roads

When planning your route, try to avoid busy roads. Even if there’s a bike lane, high-traffic areas are dangerous for bikers. One frustrated driver swerving into the bike lane is all it takes to cause a serious injury, so practice defensive biking if you bike on busy roads.

That means you should always act as if cars haven’t spotted you. Never assume that a driver will let you go first; make sure they give you a signal!

Install Lights

If you commute early in the morning or late at night, lights are one of the most crucial accessories you can install on your e-bike. A headlight in front of your bike lights your way, and tail lights let other drivers know that you’re on the road.

Now that you know these four must-know tips for e-bike commuting safety, get from point A to point B safely!

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