4 Effective Tips for Protecting Your Ears

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4 Effective Tips for Protecting Your Ears

Many people don’t know that you can lose your hearing sense easily by ignoring basic hygiene practices. You can experience sudden hearing loss or an ear infection if you overlook these hygiene practices. To keep your ears healthy, keep reading for our four effective tips for protecting your ears. Implement these tips every day to ensure your ears are healthy.

Keep Your Ears Dry

After taking a shower or taking a dip in the pool, you should ALWAYS wipe your ears to get rid of any excess water. Moisture can encourage bacteria growth, exposing your ear to infections that can affect your hearing. Leaving excess water in your ear can also damage the outer ear.

If you feel the water in your ears, tilt your head towards the side and carefully shake the ear lobe to rid the canal of any water. It’s always best to wear special earplugs if you’re swimming to keep water from entering.

Try To Reduce Your Stress Levels

Did you know high levels of stress and anxiety can affect your ears? High-stress levels have been associated with tinnitus because stress can cause your body to panic. Thus, your body is preparing to flee or fight any danger. Being in anxiety-inducing conditions puts more pressure on your body and nerves. This extra pressure can affect your inner ear, exposing you to ear infections and tinnitus.

Avoid Continuous Loud Noises

Most people like to blast their music, but you shouldn’t. Experts have told us time and time again that exposing yourself to loud noises, such as music, can affect your ear health and hearing. If you expose yourself to loud noises for a prolonged period, always take the time to detox your body and sit in silence to recover. Give yourself 12 to 16 hours to sit or lay down in a quiet environment.

Don’t Use Cotton Swabs in Your Ears

Although Q-tips are some people’s first choice for cleaning their ears, you shouldn’t use them. Inserting anything in your ear could damage your eardrums and other sensitive areas. The ear wax protects your inner ear from dust particles and harmful bacteria. If you have excessive amounts of ear wax, you should use a warm damp towel to remove the wax. However, it would be best if you talked to a doctor about proper ear wax removal first.

We hope our four tips for protecting your ears opened your eyes to some harmful things you can do to your ears. Keep your ears healthy by practicing these tips and talking to your doctor about your ear health. It would help to get your ears checked regularly to reduce your risk of experiencing sudden hearing loss.

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