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4 Details To Consider When Planning a Perfect Wedding

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4 Details To Consider When Planning a Perfect Wedding

Getting married is an incredibly thrilling and memorable journey, but planning the big day isn’t always easy. You have to make major decisions, such as how much money you’ll spend and who you’ll invite, which takes time. This article will explain the top details to consider when planning a perfect wedding as you prepare to tie the knot. 

The Cost of Down Payments

Many vendors require down payments for their services as a part of their contracts. For specific options, such as the venue, this fee secures your spot. Moreover, your down payment is a percentage of the total rental or service fee. Knowing this early on helps you budget your money throughout the process.

What Your Wedding Party Will Wear

An exciting part of wedding planning is choosing attire for the wedding party. As you explore various options, consider which apparel best complements your wedding theme and flatters the members of your wedding party. 

Regarding attire for the groomsmen, you should focus on waysto match the suit, shirt, and tie. For example, if you choose blue suits, consider selecting shirt colors from the same color palette or exploring monochromatic options. Avoid mixing too many colors, which can result in a disjointed look.

Your Guest List

Before sending out invitations, take another look at your guest list and think carefully about who you genuinely want to see on your special day. If your venue accommodates 100 people, select that number from your list. Any remaining names can form a B-list of invitees, who you’ll reach out to if your top-priority guests are unable to attend.

Wedding Etiquette Tip

Your guests should never know whether they were on the A-list or B-list. This is a delicate matter that is important to handle with tact and grace to avoid any hurt feelings.

What You’ll Gift Guests 

The final detail to consider when planning a perfect wedding is what you’ll give guests as party favors. Small tokens of appreciation go a long way in showing your guests you’re grateful for their attendance. Here are some options for gifts:

  • Matches
  • Candy
  • Candles
  • Wine glasses

As you select the ideal favor, evaluate options that align with your budget and wedding theme.

Wedding planning involves many moving parts, but with careful consideration and organization, your big day can be everything you’ve dreamt of. Follow this advice for the perfect wedding!

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