4 Design Tips for Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Patio

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4 Design Tips for Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Patio

Your restaurant’s patio can play a significant role in attracting customers to enjoy a bite to eat. The weather is warming, and your guests are looking forward to enjoying outdoor brunches, casual business lunches, birthday dinners, and evening cocktails while breathing in the fresh air.

The design and quality of the outdoor seating area are as important as the menu. Who doesn’t love a good view, fantastic weather, and delicious food? So, if you’re thinking about revamping your patio or adding one to your business, consider using these four design tips for your restaurant’s outdoor patio!

Know How To Work Your Lighting

The lighting on your patio can make or break your restaurant’s ambiance. Luckily, there are endless patio design opportunities when it comes to lighting, no matter your lighting goals.

Patios with lower lighting levels can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere by adding string lights, greenery, and wood accents. The result is a comfortable yet upscale setting that encourages guests to wind down.

You can also illuminate your patio with an abundance of lights to create a warm glow throughout the entire space. Consider lighting fixtures that carry aspects of your restaurant’s interior design outdoors as well.

Create Enough Privacy for Your Guests

Your restaurant’s interior design is crucial for many reasons. The same principle applies to your restaurant’s exterior. Bringing those same intimate elements from indoors to the outdoors allows your guests to feel included when dining on the patio. Even the smallest details will make your customers feel appreciated.

You can create privacy on your restaurant’s patio by designing intimate seating with planters, rock walls, or trees that act as dividers. By creating clusters of intimate seating, your restaurant will attract couples looking to escape large crowds and go somewhere private and relaxing. 

Find Durable & Appealing Furniture

Your restaurant’s outdoor patio dining space must be durable enough to withstand high traffic and wear and tear from the outdoors. While it may seem like the more accessible and cheaper route, do not use your interior furniture for your patio. Look for weatherproof and easy-to-clean upholstery instead.

That said, you should ensure that your patio furniture is within the same aesthetic as your restaurant’s overall interior design.

Create a Transitional Patio

Your patio could end up brimming with people, but you can still bring the appeal of outdoor dining to your customers on the inside with transitional patio spaces. Incorporate big windows or French doors and open them when the weather’s right to let in the sunshine or fill the room with cool evening air.

Prepare your restaurant for the long summer days and fun nights using these four design tips for your restaurant’s outdoor patio. Give your outdoor space a distinctive touch that enhances the customer experience and separates your restaurant from others. Include an outdoor bar, live music, or yard games to create a unique dining experience and great vibes!

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