3 Ways to Keep Mice out of Your Car

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Homeowners always want to ensure they’re keeping mice out of their house. There are so many products on the market dedicated to maintaining a rodent-free home. However, there’s not much discussion about what to do if mice make their way into your vehicle. Read these ways to keep mice out of your car if you’re dealing with this dilemma.

Keep Your Car Clean

The best way to keep mice out of your car is to keep it as clean as possible. Mice are a magnet to garbage. Throw away all the trash piled up inside of your automobile. If you leave junk food wrappers inside your car, mice will see it as an invitation to come inside. So please, throw things away the minute you park. Also, use strong cleaning products to ensure rodents stay away. Clean your car’s interior like a pro by vacuuming all the floor mats and using cleaning products to scrub the windows. The cleaner your ride is, the less likely it is that a pesky little mouse will make their way inside.

Park Indoors

Another way you can keep mice out of your car is to park indoors whenever you can. Most mice live outside. So, if you park your vehicle in a garage, you’re minimizing the chance of a mouse making their way into your automobile. If you must park your ride outside, make sure it’s in the nicest area possible. When you leave your car in a dirty area filled with mud and insects, you’re practically inviting rodents inside. Try to find clean, safe parking spots the next time you park your vehicle. The last thing you want is to find a furry surprise waiting for you on your drive home.

Get in Lock-Down Mode

You must always lock your car doors and windows. Not only is this an essential safety tip, but it’s also important for keeping your vehicle rodent-free. If a mouse sees an automobile with a cracked window, they’ll be happy to make their way inside. Leaving your car doors and windows open leaves you vulnerable to intruders. So, keep your ride safe and free of mice and get your car into lock-down mode. If a mouse does get into your vehicle, they can chew up your belongings and cause some real damage. Avoid the headache all-together and lock your car every time you leave it.

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