3 Top Signs of an Unsafe Work Environment

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3 Top Signs of an Unsafe Work Environment

Whether you work in or manage a warehouse in the manufacturing industry, you understand that there are dangers that lurk in every corner. At baseline, manufacturing industries have necessary hazards, as it’s common to work with heavy machinery and other potentially dangerous devices.

When you maintain the correct practices, working in a warehouse can be incredibly safe. Unfortunately, many warehouses don’t follow the best procedures, which can result in injury or death. It makes complete sense that you’d want to avoid this, so you should know the top signs of an unsafe work environment.

OSHA Violations

If you’re unfamiliar with what OSHA is, it’s an acronym for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This agency is responsible for ensuring that all workplaces within the United States adhere to the strict standards of safety OSHA itself sets. All employers have a legal obligation to follow these standards. If you want to find out if your workplace has a history of OSHA violations, you can search on the OSHA national database, as violations are public.

Inconsistent Training

You might not have known that workers must receive consistent training as safety practices tend to change. When safety practices change, the former procedure may become invalid, which is why training is crucial.

Moreover, it’s important to keep safety procedures relevant in the minds of workers, as it’s easy to forget certain steps. That’s why ensuring your warehouse stays consistent with its safety training is one of the main components of creating a safe work culture in manufacturing.

Inadequate PPE

One of the top signs that you work in an unsafe environment is an incomplete supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE refers to an assortment of safety clothing or gear one must put on when working with hazardous machinery. When it comes to workers’ safety, employers should skip no corners, which is why PPE is a necessity.

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