3 Tips for the Perfect At-Home Car Wash

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We all have a lot more free time on our hands. The COVID-19 outbreak has turned the world upside down. Not only are most bars and restaurants closed to the public, but many people are social distancing and mainly staying at home. It’s easy to let this situation get the best of you. However, there are things you can do to stay positive. For starters, you can tackle household chores, such as washing your own car. Here are three tips for the perfect at-home car wash that’ll help your ride look brand new.

Fill a Bucket of Soap & Water

Anyone who’s going to wash their vehicle at home should start by filling up a bucket of soap and water. So many people make the mistake of running the hose the entire time they’re washing their car. Please, don’t be like these people. Continuously running the hose is such a waste of water. There’s no need to have a consistent stream of H20 while you’re doing this task. Instead, conserve as much water as you can and simply fill a bucket with what you need. If you need more water as you’re washing, simply refill the bucket. The only other time your hose should run is when you need to rinse things off. Not only is this an eco-friendly solution, but you’ll also save yourself some serious dough on your water bill.

Choose the Right Products

You must select the right products if you’re going to wash your automobile at home. Some car cleaning products tarnish your ride’s finish or paint job. Read the label on every cleaning solution you buy before you finalize any purchase. Make sure every ingredient is safe to use on your ride and that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. You must also select the type of cloth you’ll use when drying your vehicle. Don’t use a raggedy old t-shirt to wipe off any excess soap. Instead, use a microfiber towel to ensure everything dries smoothly. Remember, you can buy these materials online or opt for a contactless delivery so that you’re still following the proper social distancing practices.

Make it Fun

Another vital tip for the perfect at-home car wash is to try your hardest to make it enjoyable. Everyone’s getting stir crazy from being stuck inside for so long. That’s why you should embrace any chance to get outside—even if it is to wash your ride. There are plenty of things you can do to make the chore a little more exciting. To begin, play some tunes that’ll help get you up and moving. You’ll have a blast listening to your favorite songs as you scrub the windows. Also, use the free time as an opportunity to detail areas of your car that you would usually ignore. Apply some car wax onto your automobile for an extra shine and get rid of grime in the tires. Soon enough, your vehicle will look like you just drove it off the lot.

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