3 Must-Have Tools for Any Aspiring Hairstylist

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3 Must-Have Tools for Any Aspiring Hairstylist

Whether you’re making a career change or finally opening your salon, you must get started somewhere. So what do you do after you’ve decided to start your own hairstylist business? The first thing you need to concern yourself with is getting the proper equipment for the job. Check out these three must-have tools for any aspiring hairstylist below.

Cutting Tools

How will you be a hairstylist if you can’t cut anyone’s hair? There are many options out there, but you should have ergonomic cutting shears for thinning and texturing as a general rule. Your shears need to have a bit of variety. Shorter sheers allow for precision cutting, while longer sheers are more efficient. Hair clippers and neck trimmers are also important to accommodate any look your client wants. Both short and long tooth combs are necessary as well.

Hot Styling Tools

For clients with thicker hair, heavy-duty hairdryers are a godsend. However, for everyday use, a lightweight hairdryer is essential. You need a lightweight version simply because you’ll be standing for long periods while working your hands and wrists. A heavier blow dryer will quickly cause strain, and no one wants to be uncomfortable during an appointment. Curling irons are fundamental to any hairstylist’s arsenal. Flat irons are necessary, especially since they can straighten hair and create curls. Generally, you want to have fine-tuned control of these tools, so look for products with adjustable temperature settings and ceramic plates.

Coloring Accessories

Clients often want colored hair, and you’ll be seriously behind if you can’t deliver. Invest in color gloves, bowls for mixing ingredients, hair clips, and colored brushes before you open for business. It’ll help to use vinyl gloves that fit snug against your hand and high-quality coloring brushes for different needs. Your bowls should have non-stick bottoms to keep you from spilling the mix on the floor.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, if you pick up these three must-have tools for any aspiring hairstylist, you’ll be well on your way to taking on a thriving clientele. Happy cutting and good luck!

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