3 Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Ice Cream Truck

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3 Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck business has sweetened local neighborhoods for decades. Everyone is familiar with the sight and sound of an ice cream truck coming down the road. There are many fun ways to upgrade your ice cream truck to boost your local sales even more. If you own an ice cream truck business, there’s a marketing advantage to upgrading your truck to establish yourself in the community.

Discovering how small businesses can help communities can inspire you to upgrade your ice cream truck and give your business a competitive edge against other local ice cream providers. Explore these innovative and fun ways to upgrade your ice cream truck to enhance your customer experience and stand out in your local community.

Truck Canopy

A canopy for your ice cream truck provides shade for your customers while placing their orders. Adding a canopy invites more customers during hot weather and provides an easier space for lines to form at social events. Upgrading your ice cream truck with a canopy also offers additional equipment to decorate for holidays or booked events.

Window Decor

The body of your ice cream truck displays the menu and other visual cues for customers to purchase ice cream. The windows are an overlooked canvas to upgrade your marketing and make your ice cream truck look more appealing. Decorate your truck’s window frames with your business’s signature colors or designs to ensure customers get the best experience when you hand them their ice cream.

Customer Photobooth

If there’s any sure way to upgrade a small business today, it’s by promoting it on social media. A popular marketing strategy businesses use today is creating a customer photo booth. You can do this by providing a branded poster or background for customers to photograph for social media. Consider getting a cut-out board to set up at community events or a vibrant backdrop for customers to take selfies in front of while sporting one of your ice cream specials.

If you’re running an ice cream truck, it’s important to routinely upgrade your vehicle as it’s a major asset in promoting and operating your business. While the appearance and tune of an ice cream truck are timeless, there’s always room to upgrade your truck to help it stand out in a fun and enticing way for the community you serve.

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