3 Different Reasons Why Indoor Plants Need Fertilizer

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If you’re someone who truly cares about their plant babies, then you’ve probably heard people mention fertilizer every now and then. Now, some folks say never to use fertilizer, while others praise how much it has helped their plants grow. We’re on the side of using fertilizer because everything needs a little help now and then. Want to know why we love it? Keep reading to learn the different reasons why indoor plants need fertilizer.

Fertilizer Contains Important Nutrients

This is the most important reason why fertilizer is so important. As your plants grow and age, they soak up different nutrients in the soil. If you don’t fertilize, you don’t provide the essential nutrients your plants need.

Fertilizer often provides three main nutrients. They are:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

Nitrogen provides key nutrients for foliage growth; phosphorus promotes root strength; and potassium is for healthy buds and blooms. Some organic indoor plant fertilizers also contain another important nutrient called mycorrhiza, which helps plants absorb water and nutrients much more quickly.

It Improves the Soil

The nutrients that fertilizers provide also make the soil richer. The nutrients in organic fertilizers break down over time and improve the soil long-term because the soil is then better capable of holding nutrients and water for the plant as time goes on. Better soil? Stronger plants!

Your Plants Can Grow Better & Stronger

At the end of the day, one of the best reasons indoor plants need fertilizer is that it makes for a stronger plant. When your plant receives all the nutrients and water it needs, it grows at a rate and consistency better than ever before.

That said, make sure to use fertilizer properly. Overfertilizing can lead to leggy plants and even dead plants! Use it sparingly in the winter, too, since that’s when plants are at rest.

If your current houseplants aren’t surviving well or you just want to help them flourish, utilize a trusted fertilizer. There are many options out there, but all that matters is that your soil contains all the natural nutrients your plants need and deserve!

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