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3 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ferrari

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3 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ferrari

In 2017, Ferrari celebrated its 70th anniversary as a legendary and renowned automobile manufacturer. The very first Ferrari race car came into existence in 1947. Enzo Ferrari, an Italian race car driver, founded the company, which has since become one of the world’s leading high-end car manufacturers. Here are three amazing things you probably didn’t know about Ferrari!

The Trademark Red Color Wasn’t the Company’s Idea

You may now purchase a Ferrari in various hues, including brilliant yellow, black, and metallic gray. However, there isn’t a wide range of colors to choose from. The most iconic color for a Ferrari is still red, of course. In fact, most aficionados believe that the only fitting color for a legendary Ferrari is its signature red. They see any other color as heresy. Red Ferraris account for 45 percent of all Ferraris sold today. What you may not know is that all Ferraris were initially red. At first, there was no other option. “Rosso Scuderia” is the official name for the red paint. While the color has become associated with the Ferrari brand in recent years, no one intended it as a part of a great marketing strategy.

Ferrari Merchandise Is Big Business

Ferrari has grown into such a global brand and symbol of wealth and grandeur that marketing and merchandising the company’s name and logo has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Ferrari sells roughly $1.5 billion in products at retail stores each year. 30 offices across the world design and manufacture Ferrari memorabilia branded with the corporate insignia. Products include clothes, watches, sunglasses, shoes, phone covers, and, of course, scale models of cars. And this isn’t exactly inexpensive merchandise. A 1:8 scale miniature of the coveted Ferrari F14T costs 5,400 dollars. And the price of a pair of Ferrari sunglasses is more than 200 dollars. All of this adds up to make Ferrari one of the world’s most valuable automobile businesses.

Ferrari Drivers Have Won More Than 5,000 Professional Races

Ferrari began as a tiny manufacturer of professional race cars, and it has maintained that legacy throughout its history. Over the decades, Ferrari has won over 5,000 trophies since its first professional racing victory in 1947. There have been 15 Formula One World Championship wins, 16 Formula One Constructors’ World Championship wins, and 14 Sports Car Manufacturers’ World Championships wins. Ferrari has also had 9 Le Mans triumphs, 8 Mille Miglia victories, 7 Targa Florio victories, and 216 Formula One Grand Prix victories. Over the years, the business has clearly developed a constant stream of excellent race vehicles. They’ve also had success finding elite drivers to operate them.

We hope this article covered some astounding things you didn’t know about the Ferrari company! With how high in the limelight this company is, there is no doubt that they will continue leading car manufacturers in the future. All you need to do to see this is look at their latest model, the Ferrari Purosangue. You’ll realize why Ferraris are world renowned!

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