Ted and Myrna Duffey are the 2020 Sweetheart Couple of the Year

Ted and Myrna Duffey are the 2020 Sweetheart Couple of the Year. Here is their love story…

Ted Duffey and Myrna Barnes met at Union University in 1955.  

Myrna became a pastor’s wife and helpmate in April of 1957, when she married Ted in a small ceremony in her family’s home on Washington Avenue in Camden.

The newlyweds were involved in several West Tennessee churches that Ted pastored at the time and Myrna often sang during the services.

They later moved to North Carolina.  Ted attended seminary and continued to pastor.  They both taught school in the area, as well.  Their hearts were open to wherever the Lord called them to serve and moved back to West Tennessee.

In 1970, they built the house where they raised their four children and still live today in Benton County.  

Myrna started her education career in Benton County by teaching at Briarwood School.  Myrna was loved by her students for her kind words, and how occasionally they would coax her to sing for them in class. Ted also taught at Briarwood. He later became principal of Big Sandy School, but had the largest number of years as Camden Central’s guidance counselor.

Kristi Duffey, Ted and Myrna’s daughter-in-law said, ”As counselor, he (Ted) always had a listening ear and sage advice, usually mixed with humor.  Both used their jobs as a ministry to show God’s love to many students that sat in their classroom and walked the halls.”

​She continued, “Ted and Myrna are a dynamic duo. They are delighted to see anyone walk through their door.  They are always a light to anyone they meet; whether they haven’t seen you in a while or saw you yesterday, you will always get a smile and a conversation.  To have a genuine concern for others is truly a gift they both possess.”

Memories are hard for Ted to recall sometimes, but he always looks for Myrna, his helpmate of 62 years. This couple has touched many lives in the county,  many they will never even know about. 

When the loving couple learned of winning the 2020 Sweetheart Couple of the Year, Ted kissed his wife on the cheek and through tear stained cheeks said, “Everything is all because of her.”

Several businesses and individuals sponsored the couple by donating the following: CashSaver a Ribeye dinner, sides, and dessert; Marilyn’s and Camden Florist, dozen of roses; Create-A-Gift, large heart-shaped candle, Jackie Lynette, chocolate covered strawberries; Pamela Mirabella, coffee maker; Angela Jones,  Bath and Body Works; and Jennifer Fox, basket. Thank you so much for spreading love and sponsoring this fantastic couple!


  1. I am so glad to see the Duffeys Honored in this Manner! They have set such a Wonderful example for All of us! I can’t recall my Childhood when I didn’t know Myrna! She and my Sister, Peggy, were very Good friends and her Family lived just down the Street! When they were in High School, they were in a Group called “The Centralettes” and they Sang at Numerous events and even appeared on Television! I have heard Myrna’s Beautiful Voice on many occasions over the years! One thing that has been so very Special to me is that since the death of my Sister, Myrna placed a rose at her Gravesite, on her Birthday, for Many Years!

  2. Oh, my God! Thank Jesus for these two individuals who have more than set the standard representing God’s infinite love. They have been great mentors, and they still represent what being a Christian is in humanic display. Of course, Benton County during their era had a lot of great teachers. My brothers and my sisters, we are truly blessed and privileged to have Mr. & Mrs. Duffey. Congratulations! My the Lord continue to shine his face upon you and be gracious to you. Amen!

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