10 Delightful Flowers to Plant in the Spring

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Spring has finally sprung! Which means that it’s time to bring some life and color back into your garden. But what flowers should you plant in the spring in order to get a full bloom? Annuals—the flowering plants that live their entire life cycle in one season—work very well; however, perennials showcase incredible beauty as well. Here are our favorite flowers to plant in the spring.

Enchanting Flowers to Plant in the Spring

1.      Pansy

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This popular and colorful flower is something you’ll want to plant in order to boost your mood. A cool weather favorite, these work exceptionally well for spring gardens or window boxes.

Tip for planting: plant in moist, well-drained soil about 7-12 inches apart.

2.      Marigolds

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With a reputation as the easiest flower to grow from seeds, this beautiful, light-colored flower is a perfect option for spring-time blooms. Take your pick of the numerous species of marigolds—based on size and color.

Tip for planting: taller marigold species look best as a pop of vibrant boisterous color in flower beds.

3.      Morning Glories

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These trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in colors ranging from pink or purple-blue to magenta or white. Their beautiful shape unfurls in the sun—the romantic flower attracts butterflies and hummingbirds alike.

Tip for planting: you must soak these seeds in water for a day or more until a tiny white growth emerges.

4.      Zinnias

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These gorgeous flowers are easy to grow and bloom immensely. They have a bright, solitary, daisy-like blossom on a single stem and attract butterflies with their big petals. Zinnias will bring beautiful brightness to your garden.

Tip for planting: zinnias need full sun and you should plant them where you want them to blossom.

5.      Snowdrop Anemone

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A gorgeous perennial plant that flowers in the spring, its yellow center and white petals bloom above the soft blue-green foliage. A forest native, there spread freely and will pop up within your garden, bringing a soft, white covering.

Tip for planting: these don’t need much sun—plant more in the shade with filtered sunlight.

6.      Scarlet Sage

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Typically grown as an annual in cooler climates, the robust, upright, red shrub is fast growing and makes for a good bedding plant. The colorful tube of the showy flower produces a lot of nectar, attracting hummingbirds.

Tip to planting: bed these out in the shade of a high-branched tree and let the colors pop.

7.      Iris

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There is an iris for basically every garden; they’ll bring a lovely color to your garden in the spring and summer. Iris’ come in a variety of shades from white to almost black—the most popular colors are lavender, yellow, and white blossoms.

Tip for planting: these need full sun for at least half of the day and need well-drained soil.

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